The 11th conference “Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters

13-15 October 2021


Jens Nørgård-Sørensen award

Jens Nørgård-Sørensen (1954–2015) was an outstanding linguist, one of the most prominent academic leaders in Slavic studies, a dedicated teacher, an active organizer of educational and research networks, and a friend of the Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters. Jens has been an active part of the TMP conferences and a coorganizer of the TMP panel workshop for the graduate students (the GeNSLing sessions 2013– 2017).

From 2016, the Jens Nørgård-Sørensen Award is given for the best student presentation based on Slavic languages data at the annual TMP conferences.



Jens Nørgård-Sørensen at the “Typology of morphosyntactic parameters” conference (Moscow, October 2013)


In 2021 the award goes to Daria Belova who presented the talk "Island properties of subjects in simple and dependent clauses in Russian".