Talks are 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for questions/discussion. The session chair will keep time for you and let you know when you have 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute left.

Projecting slides 

For those of you who would like to present your talks using slides, there will be a projector connected to a laptop. We would suggest that you have your presentations copied to a memory stick. Those of you who would like to present your talks using your own laptop are kindly requested to bring any dongles your computer requires. The conference room will only accommodate a VGA or HDMI (but not a mini-HDMI) connector. 

We recommend that you have your presentation in both .ppt/.pptx and .pdf formats. 


If you are presenting using handouts, please bring at least 50 copies. In the  MGU 1st Humanities building, there is copy shop located next to the conference room, if you need to make more copies. 


There are two poster sessions; please check the program to see which day you are presenting. Posters should not exceed 120 cm  (≈ 4 ft) in height by 120 cm (≈ 4 ft) in width. The poster can be in any orientation. The organizers will help you with setting up your poster.

We ask poster presenters to prepare a lightning talk for their poster. WAFL 15 will include a four-minute-long lightning talk for each poster. The aim of lightning talks is to present a topic in a concise and clear manner to grab the attention of the audience. Presenters can use slides for their lightning talks; the lightning talks will then be immediately followed by the presentation of the posters.